St. George and Crocodile

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‘UNLIMITED’ is the lifetime history in his development of SYSTEMS, finally reaching the totally unbeatable Perfect SYSTEM, where this author has taken on the world at POD CAST, RACE PAGES and the RED FLAG list, while Race Pages are all over this site. Ultimately in the last chapter, his SYSTEM is converted to Rule’s Only where from his revolutionary Turf and Dirt FORMULA, money controls and results, sequences as groups are logically true by definition. (This fully invalidates differences of opinions.)  Furthermore, in BLUE LARKSPUR–because at least 85% of Killers are carriers of this niche– for those in the breeding and racing industries, too this is a goldmine! To reach the Profit Limit is to break the Bank. Particularly in sequences of broken Banks by Ongoing Progressions, where the ends are always beginnings this represents the annihilation of infinity. These books are also number one at intellectual property. Buying them is as good an investment as anybody ever made.

Unlimited Profits by Wayne Hughes.In breaking this oldest certain Naked Reverse Rule where Big Blue Kitten won, instead I learned Naked Reverse-3 where Naked is on Naked after the first winner going to the next higher Bank(s) until the original Bank is broken. Or the title of the book below changes to UNLIMITED INCOME NON-GAMBLING SYSTEMS with Criminal Type on the cover. The final words in this new Preface are Anyone wanting to book N.-N.-3 the minimum starts at $100,000.00!

Book-The Great Zenyatta

The Great Zenyatta by Wayne Hughes








Wayne Hughes Cover of HOW TO BREAK THE BANK!


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The Great ZENYATTA is a complete exposition of The FORMULA; also in-action where, in fact, I broke still another Bank the day of her first loss after 19 of 20. In breeding philosophy, THOROUGHBRED TIMES (now bankrupt), The BLOOD-HORSE and conspirator Crist of THE FORM have NEVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT ZENYATTA’S PEDIGREE. This has ZENYATTA’S lifetime racing and pedigree charts. All of these thugs–EDITORS–are FULLY EXPOSED. The Eclipse Award Committee is devastated for defrauding ZENYATTA from Horse of the Year 2009 in favor of “Jesse James” Jackson’s Rachel Alexandra (who dodged ZENYATTA three times! A COLLECTOR’S ITEM.