Blue Larkspur

A review of the impact of the daughters of Blue Larkspur

Drawn from my books and The Great ZENYATTA

The purpose here is duplicated strenuously in all my books is: Use DOMINO x *North Star III carriers, particularly Blue Larkspur as your first choice in breeding-pedigree requirement; or no Blue Larkspur no nothing.

To the extent there is head on conflict with the male line superiority contingent I know as much or more about male lines than any of these thugs. The BLOOD-HORSE’S TOP 100 HORSES rated Blue Larkspur at 100. This was chosen over excluding him because vis-a-vis this “memory fixture” placement is their subtle way of slamming Blue Larkspur, for he is the arch enemy of their male line superiority propaganda. Nor is it a coincidence that in T.-T.’s CLASSIC SIRES on stakes winners produced by their daughters this is staggered between no mention and About instead of exact numbers, a sneaky way of playing this down in what I describe as deconditioning. Do you think it a coincidence T.-T. does not make available a list of their subscribers or is this merely another of their tools in one-sided information control? These thugs play dirty to repeat and show not the slightest conscience over the staggering amounts of money breeders have lost in having been misdirected to sires only . My priority, of course is free-thinking independent breeders who have not been fallaciously brainwashed. Whatever your opinion on the value and importance of the right broodmare, please read this with an open mind. (As you in The Great ZENYATTA book description Mitchell, Editor of The BLOOD-HORSE and staff regard Col. E. R. Bradley, DOMINO and Blue Larkspur as “Arch Enemies” because their impact totally contradicts the fictional male line superiority; their primary tool for selling arises’ full page display ads and stallion “Hurrah” lists motivated mostly by their self-serving greed; the general public and horse lovers notwithstanding.

As a broodmare sire Blue Larkspur is the Superman of the 20th century. He is said to be the best horse Col. E. R. Bradley ever bred (over Balladier, Bimelech, Black Helen and Bubbling Over to name but a few). Blue Larkspur was on fire at Idle Hour both as Horse of the Year in 1929 and as a sire. 13 of his first 15 daughters were wunners and a high percentage as super matriarch broodmares later. Personally as a member of The Washington Horse Breeders for nine years when they were close to Longacres, my article pre-race on Ruffian vs. Foolish Pleasure and my pre-Triple Crown article in The BACKSTRETCH on Seattle Slew’s pedigree as well as the forerunner here of The Matriarchs of Blue Larkspur, all followed the investigative foundation of DOMINO x *North Star III because no other niche could hold a candle to them. (In fact in years to come and in the above books are the reasons why I contended it was the strongest most powerful niche of the 20th century.)


No doubt this makes some catch their breath but this only scratches the surface. Others who are free-thinking independent breeders will be sharpening their teeth. Equally important Blue Larkspur was 5th generation DOMINO on his strongest line. (But who was DOMINO?)

Himyar was the best miler of his day and, of course was out of a LEXINGTON mare. While LEXINGTON is the founding tycoon of the male line superiority propagandists a look at LEXINGTON’S truest and longest lasting impact proves to be as a sire of broodmare sires and broodmares. As we see DOMINO was vis-a-vis maternally triple inbred to LEXINGTON. Reel the dam of War Dance is the greatest American broodmare of the 19th century with Pocahontas also by Glencoe(GB) a close second. We see that both LEXINGTON and his Hall of Fame sire Boston were both bred to her practically right on top of each other (while LeCompte gave LEXINGTON his only defeat). DOMINO won his first nine in a row and as a sensation was Horse of the Year 1993. Lifetime he was 19 for 25; and his earnings record stood the longest in history. Early maturity, blazing early speed and carying on power were the trademark of DOMINO (the most inbred to sire of this and most likely every century). Dying at only 6-years old he sired only 20 foals four of which were gelded. COMMANDO was his only son of real significance. Par for the course a study in 1955 established that over 75% of stakes winners had one or more crosses to DOMINO in their pedigrees. James R. Keene after who Keeneland was named owned DOMINO and was first to win The Belmont six times (he also was a genius at pedigrees and at banking). Keene also bred six Hall of Famers (here led by COMMANDO and the mighty Peter Pan). COMMANDO was Horse of the Year twice. A look at his pedigree is eye-opening:

Paternally he was outcrossed to Australian and British bloodlines. Maternally, of course he was 4 x 4 to LEXINGTON each time with a mare by Glencoe(GB) in also strengthining his inbreeding in Reel. With DOMINO this made COMMANDO maternally 5x5x5x5x5x5 to LEXINGTON. Furthermoe, in 1907 the limited sons and daughters of COMMANDO won the most money of any sire in history (he, too died young). COMMANDO sired 27% stakeswinners; DOMINO 42%. Stop.

DOMINO had everything in the world including supreme intelligance but lasked stamina. Both Keene and Col. E. R. radley (his follower) early on would breed only to DOMINO x Ben Brush for the needed stamina. A full discussion about these two breeding pioneers is in my books, too. Ben Brush was on the immortal Bonnie Scotland line. Ben Brush was a “tough guy” horse who won many Stakes after travelling by covered wagon. Ben Brush also won THE KENTUCKY DERBY.

While Bradley bought his landmark sire Black Toney at Keene’s Dispersal for the incredible $1,700.00 and got 44 stakes winners from him at Idle Hour Stock Farm in Lexington; Black Toney was out of a Ben Brush mare she being out of a mare by the prepotent Galopin sire of the mighty St. Simon, Black Toney was by the mighty Peter Pan. Black Toney through Black Servant grandsired Blue Larkspur who was out of the stakes winning mare Blossom Time by *North Star III. Bradley who bred winners 127 times in Stakes races would breed and inbreed only to DOMINO until taking in *North Star III to settle a gambling debt (from his mind-blowing Beach Club Casino in West Palm Beach), and to his immortal *La Troienne. Most certainly Bradley was one of a kind who in fact bet milliions on his horses while donating millions to orphanages, hospitals and churches got the moniker Colonel from the governor of Kentucky. In a complete exhibition of the highlights of Bradley’s life I concluded by saying that if a movie was ever made on it ushers would have to pass out seat belts! Here is an abreviated produce record of *La Troienne:

How did Bradley buy La Troieene and Vaila(GB) the gnddam of BLUE LARKSPUR–other than by Providence? Yet once again this barely scratches the surface (in how many male liners publications have you read that Bradley owned *La Troienne other than zero). Moreover, up to the present day there is enough press ink to sink a battleship supporting the contention that Black Toney was on DOMINO’S strongest line. Now in exposes where I demolish these conspirational male line superiority thugs of THOROUGHBRED TIMES, the Eclipse Award Committee, The BLOOD-HORSE and THE DAILY RACING FORM with the facts among various corruptions of information they doctored DOMINO’S sire graph line dead ending at Equipoise rather than going through COMMANDO to Blue Larkspur and his best son Blue Swords. (Are you getting the picture?) I also made mincemeat out of a female writer who joined their ranks in perverting the impact of Sundridge(GB)’s daughters over to male and sire’s lines puncuated by “name droppings” as always; where I gave a true list, a major part of The Hall of Fame (while Sundridge (GB) grandsired *North Star III), where another of his male lines goes through Reigh Count to Count Fleet also a great broodmare sire. On these thugs’ habitual practice of battering DOMINO x *North Star III mares where Blue Larkspur’s daughters were the early epitome is a crash course expose of an article by a FORM’S liar denagrating the female family of War Admiral where Brushup by Sweep was DOMINO x Ben Brush; where in fact War Admiral like Blue Larkspur had the X Chromosome–meaning bigger hearts in their daughters only. “Legs Diamond” Sparkman of T.-T. the main hemchman of “Pretty Boy Floyd” Simon did The Top Six Sires of the 20th Century purposefully neglecting the fact that five of these were carriers of DOMINO x *North Star III; Sparky perverted them all over to male lines colored by “name droppings” with plugs for the glamour ranches and a tiny Buckpasser Mares, etc. These five carriers were Mr. Prospector, Seattle Slew, AP Indy, Fappiano, Seeking The Gold, Woodman and Unbridled in overrun. I did drawings of them all above their explained pedigree charts like this:

Both Mr. Prospector and Seattle Slew female-lined to Myrtlewood by Blue Larkspur. Myrtlewood 22 15 4 2 was twice Eclipse Award winner and did well in five match races. Myrtlewood produced the stakes winners Durazna Eclipse Arard 2-year old and Miss Dogwood we see in Mr. Prospector, 119 stakes winners tops in the 20th century. Myrtlewood female-lined to Crepe Mytle, ‘Slew’s dam who with Nijinski produced the $10.2 million former record holding yearling. Since genes don’t lie and there has never been a horse that could outrun its pedigree a look at Myrtlewood’s pedigree is totally far reaching.

We see that she was 5×4 to Ben Brush. Now at her bottom Hannover’s sire Hindoo was 4×4 to Glencoe(GB) and (again) out of a LEXINGTON mare. Hannover’s dam was by the immortal Bonnie Scotland grandsire of Ben Brush to repeat. Hannover’s son Hamburg, of course was out of Lady Reel; while her sire Yellowcraft was (again) out of a LEXINGTON mare who was out of a Glencoe(GB) mare. Lady Reel’s dam Mannie Gray was also the dam of DOMINO, which added to the inbreedings we have seen in DOMINO. And although distant–which did not matter that much with DOMINO–Blue Larkspur was inbred to all of the above and Myrtlewood was the best of the best in pedigree, racing and breeding.

Here is a cutout of the number of stakes winners from the daughters of the TOP 11 sires female-lining to Blue Larkspur:

This 11 was arbitrary, instantaneous. I could have shown the TOP 20 to easily get to 2,000 plus stakes winners but it hadn’t occured to me that I needed a road map. Aside this Lonesome Glory is our only five time Eclipse Award Steeplechaser, which included wins on the toughest of courses in England. We see that he was quadruply inbred to Blue Larkspur. In stamina, the X Chromosome and the will to win what more do we need? The overview s that Blue Larkspur’s daughters produced 114 stakes winners and six champions. Generations later in the TOP 11 by female-lines Blue Larkspur’s daughters were very fertile and had well above the average number of foals. Boldnesian, Bull Page, Cosmic Bomb, No Robbery and The Axe II can be added.

I did a very detailed analysis of ZENYATTA’S pedigree:

With Blue Larkspur seven times to repeat she may have a heart as big as a Gorgia watermellon (Secretariat’s heart weighed 22 pounds and Seabiscuit’s was oversized). “Legs Diamond ” Sparkman did stipulate Michaelangelo, Gone West and Crafty Prospector where his number one ploy was that Native Dancer was the top foundation sire line in what was no more than a farce. In the bigger picture, ZENYATTA’S pedigree is a standing refutation of male line superiority, which is why they fear it like the plague (see for yourself), including her latest mate Tapit’s pedigree on ZENYATTA’S page. Back on the underside of the shark’s belly I likened the Simons to Bonnie and Clyde, the Eclipse Award Committee misvoters re: ZENYATTA as being no more than puppets, Mitchell of B.-H. as Bugsy Siegel–where I cremated Jesse James Jackson in B.-H.’s window dressing ACTION JACKSON who with Rachel Alexandra dodged ZENYATTA three times, while a most penetrating expose of Dillinger Crist calls for a Grand Jury investigation.

Here is my point. I truly believe that a breeding plan should begin with DOMINO x *North Star III carriers particularly Blue Larkspur–rather than going all over the map on bloodlines, records, and so forth. This niche has stood the test of time and competition, has adapted to turf and crossed the Atlatic with Northern Dancer who like DOMINO had a near magic genetic code. I also go to great detail in explaining Bold Ruler’s and Storm Cat’s success was in large part because of matching well with niche carriers. In fact for whatever distance, course conditions and money class there are niche carriers including inbreedings that will fill the bill. Additionally in wins of BREEDERS’ CUP and classic races, Eclipse Awards and money earned titles this niche has more than any other group. That 85% of my Killers are carriers is yet another advantage (with ZENYATTA holding the record at six times to repeat). And whatever you do don’t forget Hail To Reason. Another example is that Bradley bred his Bloodroot by Blue Larkspur to Bimelech and got the stakes winning mare Be Faithful. She foaled Lalun also the dam of Never Bend (have you heard of Courtly Dee)? Lalun when bred to Hail To Reason produced the stakes winner Bold Reason who also was 4 x 4 to Blue Larkspur and sired Fairy Bridge the dam of Saddler’s Wells. (Beginning with Matriarchs above I have made every effort to get my readers interested in breeding and first time turf winners on a shortcut to success; where stakes winners and champions are “the name of the game.”) In fact wherever I look at a racing/breeding magazine I always first go to stakes winners in the back to keep tabs on DOMINO x *North Star III carriers at the major tracks; as well when looking at female families I have become good enough to single out right and wrong sires on these lists while finding super outcrosses to European bloodlimes, as discussed tith the TOP 11, the Northern Dancer lines and Secretariat mares in combinations.

A minority may cut and paste this page in only shortchanging themselves fron the leads at checkmarks of all carriers on FORM charts of Killers. By minimizing in so doing female families generated by Balladier/Double Jay, Bimelech, Bubbling Over, *North Star III daughters, the patterns of the best Matching Sires, offshoots in the best outcrosses to European bloodlines, the gala human interest of the parts played ny Keene and Col. E. R. Bradley; in short where once again these types of small time chistlers are their own worst enemies. Actually my motive in such an exposition as the above was to give visitors a good idea on a wealth of information here for the first time made public, as also reflected in the pedigree of ZENYATTA and dozens of others where in large measure breeding has been a one-sided con game. Plus I show the best way of reseaching pedigrees free.

I made this long hidden information public (even if no books sales resulted), to give visitors a good idea of what is in store for them on the pedigree of The Great ZENYATTA. This information, however invalauble at the same time, is also the foundation of the greatest breeding philosophy expose on record. Quote: The one-sided male line superiority propaganda replete with information corruption and sabotage in The BLOOD-HORSE, THOROUGHBRED TIMES and THE DAILY RACING FORM operates as a conspiracy with the Eclipse Award Committee in the biggest and most sophisticated lie of the 20 century. (Have you ever wondered why they have not said one word about ZENYATTA’S pedigree?

In extending the above information, why don’t you seek more insight and validation of it? On Internet you will be absolutely amazed at James R. Keene, Edwrd R. Bradley, Black Gold “The Indian Horse.” After that you are ready for ZENYATTA the Horse at Wikipedia that is to say. And now that another KENTUCKY DERBY is aproaching, don’t forget to read the full true story on Bimelech. (Between The Blue Grass, The Derby Trial and THE KENTUCKY DERBY was only nine days for Bimelech who on but two days rest had to cary 130 pounds as the biggest favorite in DERBY history. (This is too bad; The Triple Crown had belonged to Bimelech.) His full sister Big Hurry was the kind of broodmare I describe as The Key To Lexington! Bradley’s Bubbling Over is sure worth a look; including monstrous maternal inbreeding to DOMINO. On DOMINO’s sisters Correction and Mannie Himyar, please see Count Fleet’s and Occupy’s pedigrees. In addition to ‘MATRIARCHS’ above on free Internet may I suggest Cosmic Bomb, First Landing, Marketwise, Fleet Nasrullah, Paper Boy, Honeymoon, Big Hurry, please see edwardrileybradley and jamesrkeene). Most recently Princess of Sylmar and Orb (our last OAKS and DERBY winners). As some of you have seen at WINNERS, both Princess of Sylmar (a Dirt Killer at 79.6-x-x), and Orb DERBY winner are intensively inbred to DOMINO x *North Star III…and the beat goes on…while Thoroughbred breeding is the most misinformed and misled business in the world!. (Please see KITTEN’S JOY, THE YEAR OF THE CAT, December and January cover articles in The BLOOD-HORSE whose original in 1916 had Blue Larkspur on the cover.)
Moreover, KITTEN’S JOY was a Supreme Killer four times before his Eclipse Award and becoming LEADING SIRE 2013), and not just on turf by any means!

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